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About Seocho Tourist Information Center

The Seocho Tourist Information Center is located behind Exit 9 of Gangnam Station, which is the undisputed center of fashion, beauty, and business in Seocho-gu, where you can encounter nature, culture and the arts. Diverse tourist information and services are provided in multiple languages to meet the needs of travelers.

Facility description

The information center is located on the first floor, while the second floor contains a hanbok and gugak (traditional Korean music) experience center. Here, you can learn about the local landmarks that present a blend of culture and the arts.

Facilities Overview

  • Hours of operation10:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day (closed on Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok)
  • LocationBetween Exit 9 and Exit 10 of Gangnam Station
  • Phone82-2-3478-1261~3
  • Amenities & ServicesUse the computer stations for online search free-of-charge, luggage storage service (hands free), mobile phone chargers, show booking and ticketing services, maps and travel information leaflets, information on festivals and events in Seocho-gu, application to participate in cultural experience programs in Seocho-gu, etc.

Tourist Information Desk (1F)

Interpreters who can speak English, Japanese, or Chinese (Mandarin) are available to provide you with the information while traveling in Korea. In addition to offering tourist maps and leaflets on traveling in Korea, they also provide booking and ticketing services for shows, etc. at the Seoul Arts Center, National Gugak Center, etc., luggage storage service (hands free), free computer use for online search, etc.

Hanbok & Gugak Experience Center (2F)

A wide variety of hanbok (traditional Korean costumes) from royal hanbok (worn by the king and queen) to dangui (upper garment for women) as well as gache (big wig worn by women) and other accessories are available for visitors to try on. You can put on a hanbok and take a picture against a chroma key backdrop to take home a photograph of yourself in front of a major tourist attraction in Seocho-gu.
You can also check out traditional Korean musical instruments and hanbok worn by court musicians. At the PR center of the National Gugak Center, there is a photo spot, and you can even listen to traditional Korean music performed with gayageum (12-stringed Korean zither), geomungo (6-stringed Korean zither), janggu (Korean drum), and more.

information desk 1st floor information desk
information desk 1st floor Inside 1F
Hanbok Experience Zone 2nd floor Hanbok experience (chroma key zone)
Korean Traditional Music(Gugak) Experience Hall 2nd floor Korean Traditional Music(Gugak) Experience Hall

Information on Surroundings

  • LocationBetween exists 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station
  • DescriptionThe Wind Tower with 5,368 aluminum panels attached appear to be dancing in the wind and the air blowing out of the subway vent. At night, the perforated aluminum plates surrounding the Cooling Tower are reminiscent of a dense forest, and the color of the tower changes according to the concentration of particulate matter in the air.
  • Contact
    (for inquiries)
    Culture and Arts Division (82-2-2155-6207)